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Cleaning and Restoration
East Bay Water Works has perfected a system for removing calcium deposits quickly and inexpensively.

What Our Clients Say:

This is for Greg. I just wanted to thank you formally for spending time on the phone with me. Finding a solution for vacuuming algae and pollen out of our water feature pond has been a constant problem. Your advice was valuable and will solve the problem once and for all.

Again, thanks for taking the time to talk me through options. What a great attitude for a small business to have and your customers in the East Bay must be delighted.

-Don Frischmann

Call Today: (925) 998-0099
Leak Detection Services
We use state of the art equipment in locating pool, spa, lake, fountain and water feature leaks.
Anything containing water is susceptible to leaks, whether old or new, plaster or vinyl. Leaks can be caused by ground movement and settling, aging, even your pets.
Fortunately, East Bay Waterworks has a complete leak detection service to find and repair annoying leaks before further damage can occur to the item, its equipment, or the surrounding area.
Our staff has a 98% success rating on finding leaks on our first visit!
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