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Maintenance Services
East Bay Waterworks provides reliable fountain, water features, pool/spa cleaning service and repair.

What Our Clients Say:

This is for Greg. I just wanted to thank you formally for spending time on the phone with me. Finding a solution for vacuuming algae and pollen out of our water feature pond has been a constant problem. Your advice was valuable and will solve the problem once and for all.

Again, thanks for taking the time to talk me through options. What a great attitude for a small business to have and your customers in the East Bay must be delighted.

-Don Frischmann

Call Today: (925) 998-0099
Why is my water cloudy?
Several things can cause water to lose its clarity – inadequate water circulation, chemical imbalance, poor filtration, or lack of oxidation. At East Bay Water Works we are IPSSA Water Chemistry certified and perform more diagnostic inspections than any other service in the area.
Can algae really hurt my pool, spa, lake or fountain?
Yes! If left unchecked, algae can grow in free-floating patches or cling to walls. Not only can algae clog filters, it eventually can cause surface damage and impact health.
Why does my water have a strong chlorine smell?
Most likely the cause is chloramines. Chloramines are a mixture of bacteria, ammonia, waste and chlorine. You may also be improperly administering chemicals, which is costly and can prove harmful to eyes and skin.
Can I experiment with chemicals until I get the water quality I want?
NEVER experiment! Improper measuring and mixing of chemicals – whether diluted or concentrated – can create both unwanted reactions and potential health hazards. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions with special attention.
What is RWI?
RWI stands for Recreational Water Illness and is caused by bacteria found in water, such as pools and spas. RWI usually involves diarrhea-type illnesses, but also can cause skin rash and ear, eye or respiratory infections. Pool and spa water requires proper chemical treatment to lessen the incidence of RWI. Also, people should avoid swallowing pool water and not swim while sick.
Can poor water chemistry damage my pool, spa lake or fountain?
Yes! Improper water chemistry will damage your equipment, plumbing, and surfaces.
What causes green hair?
Green hair is almost always caused by high copper levels due to poor water balance and its after effects on plumbing and equipment, or using a copper based algaecide.
Isn’t it easier to just take care of the pool, spa, fountain or lake myself?
Taking care of your pool, spa, fountain or lake yourself is always an option. However, proper maintenance requires not only the physical labor of cleaning, but also chemical levels which must be maintained in order to have a safe environment. In addition, we are trained to notice any changes in the performance of the pool equipment. We can then immediately troubleshoot any problems.
Call Today: (925) 998-0099
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