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Water Quality Testing
Regular testing of the water helps keep your pool, spa, fountain, lake or pond sparkling and crystal clear.

What Our Clients Say:

This is for Greg. I just wanted to thank you formally for spending time on the phone with me. Finding a solution for vacuuming algae and pollen out of our water feature pond has been a constant problem. Your advice was valuable and will solve the problem once and for all.

Again, thanks for taking the time to talk me through options. What a great attitude for a small business to have and your customers in the East Bay must be delighted.

-Don Frischmann

Call Today: (925) 998-0099
Cleaning and Restoration
East Bay Water Works has perfected a system for removing calcium deposits quickly and inexpensively.
Tiny glass beads are shot against the deposits under pressure, pulverizing the calcium without harming the delicate porcelain or clay tiles. The calcium debris and glass beads settle to the bottom of pool and are removed by a vacuum.
An average-sized home swimming pool takes only two to three hours to clean and is just a fraction of the cost of replacing tile. Calcium removal from swimming pool tile, pebble pool finishes and rocks will return them to beauty!
We clean, protect and restore your outdoor water feature in just a few hours.
You can be assured that our products are environmentally safe, non-abrasive and we don’t use chemicals.
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